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We are skilled in the development of visually attractive and intuitive mobile applications intended for end-users. We are also experienced in the design of mobile apps made for marketing purposes.

The development process includes design, programming, implementations of various advanced technologies, testing and distribution in online stores.

We create applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

We use the latest tools and technologies to create mobile applications that meet the needs of your customers in a simple but effective way.

Native Apps

Applications made using a development environment and a programming language targeted for a specific platform / operating system. These applications have highly optimized performance and can take advantage of the latest technology tied to the target platform.

Hybrid Apps

Software applications that combine elements of both native apps and web applications. These apps are accessed via a browser but can also use native code to access specific platform features.

Web Apps

Applications are written in HTML and JavaScript programming languages and run via a browser. The advantage of such applications is the availability of Internet browsers on all major platforms thus eliminating the need for app stores.