Virtual reality  

infenso virtual reality


The technology of the future is finally available to everyone.

Take advantage of virtual reality and augmented reality. Take a step forward and add another dimension of interactivity to your services and your products.

Whether it is augmented reality via mobile devices or virtual reality via VR glasses, rich experiences and environments that we can design, develop and distribute for you will be experiences that your customers will never forget and will always be happy to go back to.

Virtual reality

Immersive and interactive experiences u can use to present your services and products, educate and entertain your customers.
Virtual reality is perfect for use in tourism, museums and public events.

Augmented Reality

Overlay the virtual world over the real world on the screen of your mobile device.
Augmented Reality adds location components to your products and services and allows your customers to interact with digital content anytime, anywhere in a more immersive manner.


Learning through play is the easiest way to acquire knowledge and skills.
Virtual and augmented reality technologies provide unprecedented ways to engage users in environments that stimulate our intellect and curiosity through entertainment.